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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Common Locations To Find VIN Tags & Stamps .

There are a lot of places on a car or truck were a Vehicle Identification Number can be hidden that most folks don't know about.  Here are some of the most common locations:

VIN is almost always found here:
1: Bottom of driver's side window
2: Somewhere on the firewall
3: Inside door and/or center pillar
4: Somewhere on the engine block
5: On the radiator support bracket and/or somewhere on the front clip
6: At least one location on the frame ( sometimes as many as 5 spots )

VIN can sometimes be found here:
1: Somewhere in the trunk ( sometime under the carpet )
2: Under the passenger and/or driver's side carpeting by the seat bracket
3: Inside one or both of the front wheel well's
4: On top one or both rear wheel wells on some SUVs, station wagons, and mini vans
5: On the hood and/or trunk lid
6: Behind the license plate
7: Rarely in glove box and/or on steering wheel column


  1. And what is the importance of knowing where the VIN numbers are located.

    1. To identify if a car is stolen and chopped.