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Monday, December 23, 2013

After 2+ Years I Finally Found Them !!!

 Don't you hate it when you find what looks like a great series, but it is imposable to get?
I discovered "Requiem Vampire Knight" series a couple years ago in an excerpt in Heavy Metal magazine, and have been looking for the books ever since.
 I finally had to contact the publisher in England to get the correct book titles, and ISBN numbers so I could order the books online.
 Thankfully Panini Publishing had all the information I needed to finally order all the correct books ( ironically the only folks who had all of them was a British book seller ).

 If you ever have want to read the "Requiem Vampire Knight" series, here is the info you need:
  • 1: Resurrection & Danse Macabre ISBN 978-1-84653-437-9
  • 2: Dracula & The Vampires Ball ISBN 978-1-84653-438-6
  • 3: Dragon Blitz & Hellfire Club ISBN 978-1-84653-457-7 
  • 4: The Convent of the Blood Sisters & The Queen of Dead Souls ISBN 978-1-84653-458-4
  • 5: Pirate City & Blood Bath ISBN 978-1-84653-496-6
I ordered from Book Depository ...
Next one is coming out in October 2014 .

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