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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Why Google Sites Web Builder Fails

When Google announced that they were offering free web site tools and hosting, every one was excited, including me. Unfortunately as time has gone on, many folks have realized how botched Google Sites actually is, and have moved on to better platforms.

 The number one failing is the whole platform is built for people who do not know how to program at all, and offers up an experience more like filling in this blog post, than making a web site.

 The obligatory pre-formatting Google forces the users to endure in inexcusable ! There are no options to start with a blank page, and add in elements and code as wanted, instead being forced to add a page title, and than content ( like this blog ).
 If you attempt to delete the page title and just try to code the page using an "html box" , Google will unhelpfully place a page title for you by default.
 Lets not forget about the indenting ( padding ) that can not be changed !

 Next thing that "tweaks me off" is how mush code is disabled by default.
* Want to try CSS styling? NOPE ! - most of it is disabled.
* How about JavaScript? Sometimes it fails outright to load, and when it does it takes a long time
doso ! Have fun getting canvas to work.
* How about pure HTML? Hahahaha. Almost everything except the basic tags are disabled.

 In conclusion, it is best to avoid this train wreck, and look elsewhere for more professional sites ( free hint: do not use GoDaddy )for web site development.

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