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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Worthless US College Degrees, And Why They Are Useless

 I have been noticing more and more folks complaining about how worthless their US college degrees are, and how they can't find a job any were.I also keep reading stories of people who hold masters and doctorate degrees who are working low end jobs, such as fast food.
 I decided to research the subject of college education in the United States, and see why so many are having such a hard time.

 Right away,  I found the number one issue with college kids now, is that they are going into fields of study were there are no jobs available.  Doing some research on employment rates, new jobs created a year, how many kids graduate in the same field a year, and economic factors would save SO many from wasting years of their lives, and so much money.
  ""Do What You Love and You'll Never Work a Day"" is extremely bad advice .

 Here is a list of the most common fields of study that college students take, that have very little hope for employment. This list is not complete, however it should give the reader a good idea of areas to advoid.

  * 1 - Anything that has "studies" attached to the course title
 These are among the most worthless degrees anyone can have, as absolutely no one ( outside of special interest groups ) will hire for.

* 2 - Anything that has "assistant" tacked on to the name
 There has been a major push to get students to take these classes, and as a result there has been hundreds of thousands who have graduated with these degrees. It doesn't help that a lot of the jobs available for "assistant" are very low paying ( average pay for "nursing assistant" is $9.50 hr ) .

* 3 - Liberal Arts
 This was the go-to degree to get if you wanted a government job. In the last few years there has been large scale cutbacks in the government, making this field of study worthless.

* 4 - Any art degree
 95% of those with an art related degree, are not employed in an art related field.

* 5 - Any medical field
As of when I posted this, over 30% of medical students can not complete their training.

* 6 - Law
 There are over 9,000 ( no pun intended ) less law jobs available today than in 2006, however over 45,000 students graduate a year with a law degree.

* 7 - Accounting
 Since the housing bubble has burs there have been company cutbacks year after year. Accounting has been one of the hardest hit departments. Believe it or not, accounting jobs are still being lost to this day.

* 8 - Psycology
  As of when I posted this, over 62% of students with a psychology related degree, are unable to find a physiology related job.

* 9 - Journalism / Media
 This area is one of the most cut-through job markets any were. You'd have better luck creating your own news blog, than getting a journalist job.

* 10 - Anything to do with movies
 Unless your willing to work for free / very low wages ( for many years ), your not going to be able to get the dream jobs of "director" , "producer" or "actor" - even than it's not guaranteed you will "make it big". It doesn't help matters that a lot of major studios are filming in foreign countries to escape the huge costs of filming in the US .

* 11 - English / Literature / History
 The largest employers of these areas of study, ironically, are colleges that teach the same subject.

* 12 - Engineering
 The US has been moving away from manufacturing based economy for decades now, and as a result less and less engineers are needed in this country. A very high number of engineers are employed in fields not related to any type of engineering.

* 13 - Writing
 There are very few full time jobs available for writers in any field. It is a lot cheaper to buy the latest edition of Writer's Market and become an independent author, than getting a college degree .

* 14 - Traditional Sciences
 Fewer and fewer companies are conducting their R&D in the United States, and as a result, there are not a lot of science jobs for all the fresh college graduates.
 Geology, paleontology, archeology, and related fields never had a lot of company jobs to start with. Most of the "jobs" involve you raising funds,  and than going off to do your research ( dig something up ).

* 15 - Pharmacy
 There was a huge push to get kids to have this degree a few years ago. As a result, there are hundreds of folks fighting over each new job opining today.

* 16 - Agriculture / Horticulture
 There are only a handful of jobs available in these fields (that require a degree), yet over 55,000 students a year graduate in a agriculture or horticulture related area.

* 17 - Truck Driving
 This is not technically a college course, but I decided to include it in this list before you plunk down up to $5,000 to go to driver's school.
 The turn over rate for truck drivers is the highest of any other career in the US, thanks to rampant abuse by the companies.

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