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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Detroit - We Don't Want Your Business

 A couple months ago I had a great idea for a business in Detroit - a specialized reclamation company that would provide a low cost method for cleaning up run down Detroit buildings.

 With a rough draft of business plan in hand, I started researching all the licensing and ordinances I would need to comply with in the Detroit area.
 Almost instantly I ran into a brick wall. From what I was reading on the Detroit Licensing Site, it's almost imposable to get a new business license.
 Confused and a bit aggravated, I made several phone calls to city hall, asking many questions. After a few hours of run around, I gave up, not getting any answers from them.
 From there, I called up a few Detroit business groups with questions, and I fond the answers I was looking for.
 Detroit construction and manufacturing licensing / ordinance laws are written specifically to protect existing businesses from new competition !
 I couldn't believe it! I drew up another business plan, this time for something in the auto industry category - a press metal shop - and started doing my researcher again on what was required.
 Again I hit a brick wall of bureaucratic "red tape".
I still didn't quite believe how anti "new" industral the Detroit laws were, so I tried one more time, this time as company that manufactures tricycles.
 This time when I did my legal researcher, I took my time, and made sure I fully understood everything involved.
Wouldn't you know it, yet another wall.

 If Detroit wants to stop being the cesspit of the Untied States, with stupidly high unemployment, stupidly high crime, and a major financial problem, them need to drop ALL of their protectionist laws, and make the city once again friendly for new manufacturing and construction business.

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  1. Wow I live in Flint MI and didn't even know that.. I wonder if Flint has the same laws... if so no wonder why we're such a shit hole.