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Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Does The Media Ignore Every Civil War Except Syria ?

All I hear in the news is Syria, Syria, Syria ... the media can't get enough of it!
 I would like to know, why I hear absolutely nothing about  all the other ongoing civil wars that are happening in the world - the world does not revolve around Syria.

 Here are other major civil wars that are happening around the world right now:

Burma - since 1948 ( 12,000+ died in 2012 )
Somalia - since 1991 ( 2,600+ died in 2012 )
Sudan - since 2009 ( 3,200+ died in 2012 )

 These aren't the only ones, here are a few of the ones were not so many folks get killed every year:

Iran - since 1918
Philippines - since 1942
Nigeria - since 1953
Colombia - since 1964

 This isn't even close to all of them - currently there are over 30 countries that are experiencing ongoing civil war ... 24 of them are in Africa .

 All this aside, there are also many regional conflicts I never ever hear about

 So tell me, what is so special about Syria ?

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