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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The IRS Is America's KGB

Within the last 2 months of this post, the United States has become a very scary place to live.
 It was recently revealed that the IRS was updating their system for gathering peoples personal information, and it was leaked that they can seize the following records without some one's consent or court approval:
 * All banking information
* All spending records
* All phone records
* Full employment history
* Political affiliation history
* Membership of any groups or organizations
* Criminal and legal history
* Address history
* School records
( If you do not believe it, look it up yourself )

 Just after that, it was reported that the IRS intimidated conservative groups during the political election.
 Some of the tactics used were illegally asking for personal phone numbers and addresses of all staff members and donators, massive audits, threatening legal notices, and more.
 One has to wonder if Obama abused his authority to give himself an advantage.
( If you do not believe it, look it up yourself )

 Guess what, as of when I posted this, it has been revealed that the Justice Department has seized phone records for the last 2 years from news agencies and reporters that have been covering the IRS political scandal .
( If you do not believe it, look it up yourself )

 What kind of country have we become ? When will folks start to "disappear" due to political affiliation ?
 This feels more like I am living in Soviet Russia, not in America.

All hail dictator Obama !!!

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