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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - And How Bad It Is

 This has been annoying me for quite some time now, and I'm making this post to release some built up stress.
 Some time ago I watched a review of Guild Wars 2 by Angry Joe ( who was a reputable reviewer ), and based on his recommendation ( click HERE to view ) I went out and payed $60 USD for it. Little did I know almost everything Joe said in his review was a lie, and he "sold out" .

 After trying to play the game for quite some time now ( 5 months ), I give up. The game is intentionally designed to frustrate the player into paying real money. Here is my list of issues I have with GW2 ....

First thing you are confronted with when starting the game is a world select screen. You have to choose carefully - for it costs REAL money to transfer your account to a new server. To make it frustrating, ArenaNet does not show you the server latency, or any server performance stats at all. If you pick a laggy server, you are ether stuck with it, or you pay real world money to take another guess at finding a good server to play on.  
 During game play, you do not earn enough EXP.
 Doing all heart quests, finding all locations of interest, completing all dynamic quests in an area, will not yield enough EXP to continue on. You ether have to spend several hours repeating the dynamic quests, or go off to another race's area  ... or spend real life money to buy the EXP boosts - which cost $1.80 USD an hour ( as of when I posted this ).
 Imagine in World Of Warcraft if I started a Dwarf character, and every 6 or so levels I had to run across Azeroth to the Night Elf area, so I could get enough EXP to continue on in my own area.
Crafting system is broken.
 If you want to do any kind of crafting int he game, you'll end up having to pay real money for a few different things.
 Like quest EXP, crafting exp is not enough. I have found myself running around in circles for hours trying to collect enough stuff to advance a single level ( no joke ). The system to process materials is "progressive", meaning you will need large amounts of raw materials, to produce a couple finished products.
 An example would be 9 logs makes 3 planks, which makes 1 dowel.
 The next frustration is having to pay "in game" currency for 1 use tools. You are going to be constantly buying pick axes, wood axes, and salvage kits ( used to turn "junk" into usable materials ), and running out of money. This forces you to purchase more "in game" money using real money ( the game is very stingy giving you money during quests - and it is a very rare mob drop ).
 While on your crafting adventure, your going to be collecting a lot of "future" stuff used in high level recipes .  You do not want to get rid of it, but you can;t store it in your bank ether due to the tiny inventory . It costs real life money to expand your bank after you use up your limited amount of bag space.
 Quests are "cookie cutter" .
If you are expecting verity in your quests - forget it.  Though your "personal" story is interesting, the "Heart" quests ( which you will be doing 99.9% of the time ) are almost all the exact same thing ... kill stuff ... collect stuff .... active stuff and kill whatever spawns.
 The dynamic quests are not much better .... kill waves of enemies .... collect stuff .... active stuff and kill whatever spawns ..... escort dumb NPC through hostile area .
 I do admit there is more verity with the dynamic quests, but they get old fast.
Weapons and armor have issues.
 In almost every other MMO I have played, you can find weapons and armor fairly easily  in mob drops, or the "auction house". In Guild Wars 2, however, they want you to pay real world money for the privilege.
 Weapon and armor drops are VERY rare in this game. To make things worse, you have to constantly repair it ( if you have enough "in game" money ) ... the damage rate makes me think everything is made out of tin foil.
 Your going to have to spend quite a bit real world money to purchase "in game" currency if you want anything decent. ( Have fun trying to craft your own )
Were is every one ?
 A lot of the dynamic and Heart quests are designed for several people to do at one time, however I have very rarely seen anyone in the same area as me, let alone doing the same quests.  As an experiment  ( I was very bored ) I timed how many folks passed by me while I was doing quests. The average was 1 person every 41 minutes. None of them were doing the same quests.
In conclusion, Guild Wars 2 is intentionally designed to get as much money from players as possible and could care less about people like me who "just" payed $60 for the game, but can not afford to shell out hundreds of $$ a month to be able to play the game.

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