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Friday, February 15, 2013

Denmark - The Country Of Ludicrous Taxation

  (( Note I am using 2013 tax rates - sources are official Danish tax booklets ))
I would love to know how the people of Denmark survive with the taxes their government forces on them.
 To start with, they have 25% sales tax ( VAT tax ) which applies to almost everything thing - including rent and utilities. Next tax rate people have to pay out is local taxes. The cheapest is 22.7% of income. Coming up next is the state tax, which is ( average ) 12% of income.
But wait, we are not done yet, the government needs their taxes, which are 33% of income ( average ). Are we done yet? Nope. Next tax is the "Labour market tax" which is pegged at 8%. Maybe we are done now. Maybe not ! The last tax that has to be payed is the healthcare tax, which is also 8%.

 So lets add all this together ... the average tax rate I would have to pay just to live in Denmark would be 83.7% of my income ( 22.7 + 12 + 33 + 8 + 8 ) . Luckily the Danes have a maxim tax rate of 51.5% .... but still. How the heck can people live with all those crushing taxes ? I mentioned the VAT rate, but I have left out the STUPIDLY HIGH import taxes they impose on everything that's shipped into the country ( which is almost everything they consume ) ... did I mention there is a 1.5% tax on income for "church tax" or the 200% sales tax on cars ?

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