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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How The Hell Can I Afford "ObamaCare" ?!

 I have been doing research on how much it will cost me for this "Affordable Healthcare" which is mandatory starting Jan - 01 - 2014.

 The cheapest price for me I can find is $650 a month. That would be fine, if I was RICH , but unfortunately I fall into the category of "poor".
 Were exactly am I going to get this money from? Do I have to spend the rest of my life in prison for "tax evasion" because I can not afford the new "tax" ?

 The tax credit is a joke. There is a cap on the payout of 0.5% of the GDP every year. This equates to $75 billion, which, according to my math, is less than 10% of the "credit " I see many folks quoting.

 I'm not eligible for the government subsidies that I keep hearing about, due to me being a white male in his 30's. These "programs" are only for special interest groups - I actually looked it up.

 To put this in perspective, the cost of this law will be 28% of my gross income and about 40% of my net income ( after taxes and deductions ).

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