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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Walmart's Black Friday Protestors Can't Do Math

 I always find it kind of a paradox with these protestors. They always target Walmart, and not other retailers.
 They want more benefits, and better pay for Walmart employees - however no one ( except for me ) ever bothers to research the subject and do the math.
 46% of Walmart employees have health coverage. National average for other retailers is 21%.
 Average Walmart salaried employee  makes $11.25 an hour. National average for other salaried retail jobs is $9.45

 Lets just say that Walmart raises it's salaried employee's wages and benefits by just $2 an hour. Walmart has 1,300,000 salaried employees in the US alone, working a total of 1,950,000,000 "man hours" a year.
That $2 an hour raise is equal to $3.9 billion in additional spending.
 Walmart's operating profit from 2011 was $3.8 billion.

 I see something wrong with this picture, don't you? 

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