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Sunday, November 25, 2012

US Government Will Never Fix It's Financial Problems

 It's almost 2013, and many politicians are talking about fixing the budget.
The problem is, the Huge gap between income, and expenses can not be closed. 41%
2011 tax revenue was $2.3 Trillion.
2011 spending was $3.84 Trillion
2011 new debt was $1.55 Trillion
$360 Billion payed on interest on debt
$820 Billion payed to social security
$806 Billion to medial welfare
$654 Billion to other welfare programs
$707 Billion to military spending
How do we fix this issue realistically ?
 In a real world ether ALL taxes would have to be raised 41%, or ALL spending has to be decreased by 41%.

 Cutting out a couple million here and there, or reducing certain budgets 2% or 3% will never work

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