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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Failure Of Doug's Demo Reel

There is a wise saying that goes "Only a fool tests the water with both feet", and Doug Walker ( That Guy With The Glasses / Channel Awesome ) should have listened.

 He decided to "kill off" his most popular show ( Nostalgia Critic ) and replace it with a show called Demo Reel .

 I watched the first episode, and found it to be a very poorly done sketch comedy. I decided to hold off my review of this new series until I seen the next episode, so that I could get a better feel for what the series was about.
 The second episode was canceled, I suspect it was either from fan back lash or Doug actually found it to be "lacking" ( to put it nicely ) .
 Just today, the third episode was released on Blip - all I have to say is - what the #### happened ?
 Demo Reel went from being a bad skit comedy, to being a train wreck of a bad skit comedy, and a bad sitcom with no humor at all.
 After watching this wreck, I came away with the mixed feeling of boardom and annoyance.
 Doug himself has pointed out in many of his Nostalgia Critic reviews why something is not funny, and how they could have made it better - how the heck did he ignore his own advice ?

 My opinion on this whole "Demo Reel" mess is, unless the Dough & Robert Walker  change this show radically, they are going to loose their fan base. I just hope the office they are renting to shoot this in, is not very expensive.

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