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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Transducer Types

 I can not believe how hard this information is to find! So to make it easier for others to locate, I will post the basic information on how to identify transducers, in an easy to read format.

 Transducers are used to convert one type of instrumentation signal to another. On a diagram, they are usually represented by a triangle with a fraction number ( for example:. I/E ) to show what they convert.

 The meaning of the common letters are:
I = Current ( MilliAmps )
E = Voltage ( DC )
P = Pneumatic ( Air )

The common conversions are:
I/E - Current To Voltage
I/P - Current To Pneumatic
E/I - Voltage To Current
E/P - Voltage To Pneumatic
P/I - Pneumatic To Current
P/E  - Pneumatic To Voltage

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