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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dredd 3D - Why Did I Waste $6 To See This ?

 I very rarely go out to the theater to see new movies, due to so little now-a-days being much good. This movie is no exception.

 I would like to make it perfectly clear, that I have never read the comics, and do not know the back story of the characters or Mega City in general.
 Only information I do have, is from the original Judge Dredd movie - which think it is an all right action movie.

 I'll try to keep the spoilers to a minumum for those that have not seen the movie yet.

 Dredd is one of those gimmicky movies, that caters to the 3D aspect. For me, it seemed like the effects were shoe-horned in all over the movie, to the point of distraction - seriously, the way the movie is shot in certain scenes is quite weird to look at.
 Visual affects were alright, though their blood and gore shots ( most of them were for the 3D aspect ) seemed awkward, and out of place.

 The story telling part of this film is were it completely fell apart. I know action movies do not have much of a plot, but this didn't handle it's self very well. There are quite a few "how the heck" moments, were characters have magical powers to know were to go, and what to do, with no explanation.
 Example - how did Dredd know the other judge was corrupt ? How did he know were the drug lab was? How did Anderson know were to find Dredd when he was shot? How did they know were the "hacker guy" was ? How did Dredd teleport across the building in the information booth scene ?
 If I keep thinking of plot holes, and inconsistencies, I'm going to be here all night.

 The action part of the movie is not even that spectacular. There were plenty of people getting killed, but the creativity I have seen in so many other action movies, is missing in this movie.
 This issue may be the way the movie is edited together, or the writers forgetting to tie everything together. This movie is borderline boring.

 Another thing that is bugging me is the acting. The best performance of the movie would have to be the "hacker guy".  Every one else turned in relatively wooden performances, acting if they were forced to be in the movie against their wills.
 Yes I know Dredd is not suppose to be an emotional character.

 Lastly is the medic. He was brought in as a secondary "good guy" character of sorts, and had a build up that he was going to be important some were else down the line. I was expecting him to contribute something down the line - the movie was building up to it - but noooo, he ends up getting unceremoniously killed, contributing absolutely nothing after his appearance in the beginning.

 In conclusion, this is a good movie if you can find it in a bargain bin, or Netflix, but paying admission to a theater, or paying full price for the DVD / Blu-ray is not worth it.

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