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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review Of An Extinct MMO Game - GooGrid

  Today I'm going to do a short review of an extinct MMO called "GooGrid".

 I'm very surprised that there is very little information left on the internet about this. There is no Wiki entries, and Google is almost useless in finding any information.
 The domain ( as of when I posted this ) is for sale.

 The history if GooGrid is short, but fun. It was launched as a multiplayer "Ecosystem Simulator", were players would create a herbivore or carnivore with a limited amount of creature points. Depending on how the player would allot points, would ultimately determine it's survivability against other player's critters.
 There were many factors to choose from - armor, health, reproduction rate, health regained from eating, size, and many many more. Each factor affected other factors, such as size had a direct influence on hunger and how much food would be needed to restore health.

 Whenever a player would log in, they would be placed in "their" section of a world, were they could create new creatures, and release them into the "wild" to see how they fare against every one else's critters.

 Sadly, one day the server was unplugged, and that was it for GooGrid.  Very little information survives about this game, so if you know something, or have screenshots, please share.

 I leave you now with a screen shot of the home page for GooGrid.


  1. Late to comment, here. I loved this game growing up, and ever offered to take over when Ray Pingree shut it down (he told me that I needed to put together a business plan and buy it off him, I didn't have nearly enough money for that). Got him to start the server back up for a few weeks, and even got the specs for it, a general idea of how it works, all that.

    I'm thinking of recreating the game myself with some other aspects (artificial life, e.g. evolution/mutation, ability to program the organisms as well as use the creator, that sort of thing) though, as I miss googrid, it was a fantastic game, and I played it for several years.

    1. Have you had any luck recreating this game or put any thought into it, it has brilliant potential and I think it's a game waiting to be recreated and made popular

      It's just a matter of who gets there first

  2. I still have the original client-side files for anyone who would like them. just missing the server.

  3. This game was so awesome. Plz keep us informed

  4. I cant believe people still remember this game. This is probably one of the best games I have played.

  5. I'm so mad this has gone extinct. I played this as a kid for daaaaaaaaays and I'm now a biologist... Nothing similar has been recreated. When spore was announced, I though it was going to be googrid 2.0

  6. I miss this game so much. My username was jehubuddaka, and I made some of the most fun creatures of my life on there. I wish it would come back in some form or another.

  7. LEts take revenge on ray pingree.