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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obama Radio Ads Can Not Do Simple Fact Checking

 I was driving through Ohio the other day, when I hear yet another political ad on the radio. Most political ads I have heard, up to this point for both sides, have been dull, but this one caught my attention.
 It was claiming that Romney would give the rich " ... over $5 trillion in tax breaks ... " and went on to make more large high dollar claims.
 I wonder if any one involved with this commercial did any kind of fact checking. If the US government let every person in the US who made over $250,000 go totally tax free, it wouldn't even be close to $1 trillion. In fact if everyone and everything was totally tax free, it wouldn't even be 1/2 of what was claimed.
 In 2011, the government brought in $2.3 trillion in total tax revenue.

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