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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hurray For Making Driving More Of A Pain

I was reading the news that in 12 years time from now, the new fuel economy standards will be a whopping 55 MPG.
 For those that do not live in a state that gets snow, that's great.
 For those that are rich, that's great.
 For those that do not care about safety in an accident, that's great.
 For those that do not have to travel for work, that's great.

 For me that's very bad. I live in Pennsylvania, an not rich, I actually care about safety, and I travel all over the country for work.

 The major issues with the car today, is that fuel economy standards are far outstripping the advancement in engine technology.
 In order for car manufacturers to meet regulation guidelines, they constantly have to shed weight, and reduce engine size.
 This makes a more expensive car, as specialty metals and alloys have to be used in construction.
 This also makes cars increasingly unsafe, as lighter cars are more dangerous in snow, and the lighter the car, the more likely it is some one will get hurt or killed in an accident.
 The fun thing about smaller engine size, is greatly reduced performance. The car I drive now is a 2003, and it struggles with landscape of my hilly state. All the model years I owned before 1998 never had that problem. Hybrid are a joke, as there are 2 tiny engines under the hood, were normally 1 engine sits.

 As the years pass by, I am afraid of the time it's going to be all but illegal to drive - and before you mention electric cars ... 40 miles per charge in summer time, and about 28 in winter time, will not ever get me 25% way to work most of the time.

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