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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Environmentalist Pipe Dream - HHO ( Oxyhydrogen )

 When I first heard about HHO, I was interested to learn more. They claimed it was a "new green energy" and all it took to produce it was water.
 After watching some Youtube videos demonstrating how it works, I decided to investigate more.

 As it turns out, Oxyhydrogen is not new, and definitely not "green" .
 It was first produced VIA electrolysis by William Nicholson in 1798. From there it became a popular gas in the 1800's for welding and cutting. Around the turn of the century, it was being phased out in favor of more economical gasses.
 The first portable Oxyhydrogen generator, was produced in 1962 by Henes Manufacturing Co.

 Oxyhydrogen is quite easy to produce, as shown here ....

.... however there is one large drawback, which makes this gas very inefficient to use.
 It uses huge amounts of electricity, to produce relatively small amounts of the gas.
 In simple terms you would use far less electricity using an electric arc torch, or scarfing rod ( for industrial application ), or driving an electric car - than it would take to produce the Oxyhydrogen gas to do the same work.

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