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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Thoughts On Spoony and Channel Awesome ( That Guy With The Glasses )

 It came as a bit of a surprise, that Noah Antwiler ( The Spoony One ) was fired from That Guy With The Glasses and Channel Awesome.
 It really wasn't that shocking that it happened, due to different things that have been happening in the last year.
 Some time ago, Noah stopped producing Spoony videos for quite some time. He eventually made it public knowledge that he was seeking professional help for depression. While that was going on he released some videos in the "Counter Monkey" series ( apparently to keep income coming in ) and a few vlogs.
  His Spoony videos eventually resumed again, however he releases them at a very slow pace, about 1 a month.  This actually ties into why he was fired.
  Quite some time ago, he made an offhanded joke on Twitter

  This upset Allison Pregler (Obscurus Lupa ). She made a big fuss about it, to which Noah eventually apologized - sort of.

  Everyone thought the matter was dropped, and done with. The subject was recently brought back up by Allison, to which Noah went on a verbal rampage, attacking every one, and everything he could.
  The PR department at Chanel Awesome, caught wind of what was going on, and said "enough is enough", firing Noah.

 Now what do I think about all this ? It's hard to say.
To me, it seems like That Guy With The Glasses is in favor of quantity - over - quality when it comes to the "shows", and they lost a great talent.
 However, Noah seems to still be on a path of self destruction.

  In the end, I can not make up my mind. Some day, I hope there can be a reconciliation.


  1. This is a good example of why it's so important to be on your best behavior on the Internet. It's really hard to take back things that are permanently viewable by the majority of the world. Mental illness is a serious problem, and I wish that everyone involved in this discussion could have been a little more serious and forgiving. I enjoy a lot of videos that Channel Awesome produces, and it definitely is sad to see that Noah won't be part of it anymore.

    I agree with you that this is too complex to make a conclusive judgment. Thank you for your informative and mature post.

  2. If the guy was suffering from clinical depression, you DO NOT bring up something like a mistake he made that hurt someone's feeling. Obscurus Lupa can have her opinion on what she did and how "unwarranted" Spoony's joke was, the fact of the matter is, SHE attacked him with bringing that back up. Not okay, Lupa. NOT OKAY.