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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beware Of Vehicle Fraud By Richard P. Priest

This guy goes by the names of "Ricky Priest" and "Casey M. Priest", but however he signs his name, his Notary Public stamp reads "Richard P. Priest".

 He owns, and operates
Dixie Car Sales
8267 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40258

 Almost 2 years ago I bought a cargo van from him, and it has been a legal nightmare from day one.
 What it boils down to, is he sold me the van, when the title was not in his name AND he did not have authorization to sell the van from the original owners.

 Normally when a dealer sells something he does not actually own, he has to have an authorization slip filled out by the original owners. He did not have this.
 The blue ship he handed me ( Certificate of Registration ), he assured me would get the title transferred with no issues.
 With out the actual authorization slip, it is imposable to transfer the title to my name.

 Trying to contact him is a fun experience. 99%  it's his "helper" who does not speak good English. When he actually picks up the phone, I get reassured he has every thing taken care of, and the documents will be mailed out.
 Nothing actually gets done.

 When I talked to the police about pressing charges for fraud, they said it's a "civil" matter, and not a criminal one. When I talked to several lawyers, they want more in legal fees, than the van is worth.

 I'm stuck with I van I do not legally own, that I can not legally drive.

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