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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Atalanta Halloumi Cheese Review

 I was browsing the local specialty cheese section of a local grocery store here in Ohio, and noticed something that is impossibly rare for me to find back home - sheep cheese. I picked it up, and from the look of it, it was brine cheese.
 After sampling it, I was quite surprised to find it was new cheese, having about the same texture and consistency as the Mexican cheese, queso fresco .

Name: Halloumi Cheese
Importer: Atalanta Corp
Origin: Cyprus
Cheese Type: New Cheese ( Accented - Sheep Milk )
Curd: Small
Price: $25 USD LB

 This cheese has a mild, almost delicate smell to it, that I couldn't readily identify until I read the ingredients. Mint leaves. Thought the overall smell was very mild, the mint overpowered the natural smell of the cheese.
 I bit into it expecting a brine cheese, but found an unripe cheese instead.
 The texture is soft / rubbery, as is typical of new cheeses.
 The flavor is frustrating, to say the least. At first the delicate silky flavor of sheep's cheese comes to the front, only to be immediately overpowered by a mild natural mint flavor.

 Over all the cheese is not to my liking. The mint ruined it for me.
 I prefer to sample all natural cheeses, leaving accented, artisan, and processed cheeses alone.

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  1. Hi! You might have liked the cheese better if you had known it was supposed to be grilled, have a Google! In the food industry, we say that "natural" has almost no meaning, so I do wonder what you mean by that. I can see why you might not like accented cheese (presumably you mean with additions like mint0, but why not artisan? Artisan cheese are surely also natural.