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Sunday, November 6, 2011

No Woman Cheese

No Woman
Manufacturer: Beecher's Hand Made Cheese
Type: artisan
Curd: medium
Cost: $15.00 LB

It's not too often I venture into artisan cheeses, but the name of this cheese caught my eye. " No Woman " . Nothing I have seen before has been named like that.

I picked up the cheese, which I must say is expensive at $15 LB, but I was looking for something different to try.

Visually the cheese looked interesting. It had brown veins, and brown speckles.

Upon opining the package I immediately noticed a strong spicy smell. Not bad at all, and a great introduction to the cheese.

I bit into this cheese, and tasted right away this is like no other cheese I have ever tasted.
I sampled and sampled, but I couldn't identify the spices used.
The normal cheddar flavor was defiantly present, but the other notes were beyond me for quite some time.
After about 20 minutes of sampling the cheese, the tone was identified as "woody" in composition, with the slight tang of salsa.
Giving it some more thought, the flavor of the spices had some of the notes of french onion dip and salsa combined. It didn't particularly taste like ether of those, but has some of the same flavor notes.

Over all this cheese is good. It is not too dry, and not too moist, and has a unique flavor. The only major problem I have with it is the high price.
Defiantly something to try if you like unique cheeses.

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