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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boxing Cheddar

Boxing Cheddar
Importer: DPI Specialty Foods
Type: Aged Cheddar
Cost: $9.00 LB

This is the first time I have tried a cheese from Australia.

I like cheese, and will try almost any kind of it, but I have no experience with Australia's exported cheese.

On the label it says that it is aged 3 years, and on first bite I can tell this is real aged cheese, not "flavor enhanced".
The richness is a great change, the cheese giving off a bold, almost tangy flavor, in stark contrast to bland American "aged" cheddar.

This is a dry, almost crumbly cheese, adding to it's aged characteristics.

The flavor is a bit off, though. This is nothing like other ages cheddar's I have had before.
After thinking about it for a while it hit me, this cheese tastes almost exactly like blue cheese with out the pungent tang.

Over all this is not a bad cheese, though the crystallized salts inside of it are a bit crunchy at times.

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