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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bamboo Environmentally Friendly?

I've noted a huge trend in using bamboo on all sorts of applications, from flooring, to furniture construction.

Why you ask? Because the manufacturers tout it as "environmentally friendly", due to not using real wood.

My problem is the manufacturing process isn't that friendly.

They grow the bamboo, and than cut it down. After that they split the hollow grass into strips. From there they cure it for a while.
Now they plain it down to uniform sizes, ranging from 1/8th inch, to 1/4 inch ( 3.175 MM to 6.35 MM ) in size. From there they glue it together, and add a lot of pressure.
From this point they do whatever with the plank of glued together grass.

My major problem is the gluing process. I'm sure that the glues used for this, are condemned by many environmental groups for being pollution generators, and toxic.

Ah, what a wonderfully contradiction.

My two cents are: Real wood lasts a lot longer than glued together grass, and doesn't require tons of glue to produce.

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