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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Absente Brand Absinthe

It's Christmas, and what better time to try the latest and greatest alcohol on the market?
I am celebrating my holiday season in Indiana, were absinthe is legal.
Being in the spirit of the season ( blind drunk for a week or 2 ), I went to the local liqueur store and seen "real absinthe" on their shelves.
Now, remember I've drank real absinthe before, and you want to know how to make it?
Well, since you asked, and it's the holiday season, here is the recipe. Get yourself some vodka or moon shine. Put a bunch of dried wormwood in it, and leave it set for 3 - 6 months. Serve with sugar cubes.

While at the store, I picked up "Absente", which advertised on their label it was real absinthe, and made with wormwood.
Having tasted the real thing, and this ... leaves Absente a lot to be desired.

I know absinthe can be made by soaking many different herbs and wormwood together in vodka, or what not, but the Absente brand went way overboard with the "other" herbs.

The first thing I tasted was herbal grade liquorice, followed by a large alcohol burn.
The two things I found wrong was the sweetness and the liquorice flavor. Real absinthe is very bitter, and ( I have ) never had liquorice herb in it.

This French import may be OK for American drinkers, but it is far from the real deal.

Have a happy and safe holiday season! Don't Drink and Drive !

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