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Friday, August 13, 2010

Glenn Beck, Disconnected from Reality!

I do not watch Fox News much, but as of late I've been bored, and need something to scream at.
I do admit, I only watch Beck an average of a couple minutes before changing the channel in the past.

I decided to watch a couple of his shows as much as I could stand, and see what happens.
Oh gods, how does he have a job? His views are way out in left field.

One of the shows I watched his idea for solving state and city deficits was to completely cut out retirement / pensions for retired workers. He later on called for union workers to protest to their union halls for lower pay, and less benefits.
To top that show off, he attempted to pull a Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, calling for peaceful public civil disobedience against the government.

Another time I was flipping threw the channels, his idea to reduce unemployment is to eliminate unemployment insurance all together ... since the US government uses the number collecting U I to determine how many folks are out of work, it would theoretically eliminate all unemployed statistics, BUT it would not magically create jobs.

Guess what his great idea is to stimulate the economy? Eliminate minimum wage, and let companies pay workers whatever they want. Google "mexican shanty town" and see what happens over time when you abuse your work force into abstract poverty.

It just makes me ticked off every time I watch his show, he spews out stuff that makes a normal thinking person stop and say "What the !@#$!@".

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