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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working on it

Kinda funny my $100 picture camera captures video better than my $320 video camera. Any way I have officially written off my expensive mistake, it's hopeless.

I have been working on new material, no clue when I'll resume uploading them though ( bad internet here ). Here is a list of planned episodes:
Sea Salt Hype
Condos are Renting
Unemployment VS Stock Market Swings
Real Estate Sales Numbers
99% Germ Killers
Walmart Hate
Natural VS Man Made
Alternative Energy Contradictions
Debt VS Wealth
Statistical Numbers
Iran VS
Health Care and History
Obama and Some One Else
GM Advertising
Dumb Lawsuits
Chemical Consumption ( Vitamins )
What are Furries?
Reality of Nature
Hanging onto Outdated Science
Dog Food and Vegetables
Gas Prices VS Oil Production Costs
Leasing Cars
Legalizing Illegal Immigrants - What it Means
Yahoo + MSN Search Engines not Relevant

I also may do some shows called "How The F Does That Work", dealing with very weird economic practices.

Futures Trading
Short Selling

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