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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ever wonder what that song was about?

I found a really good song in an anime a long time ago, and didn't know what it said, or it's title.
Well years later I found ever thing out. Here is the song:

It is called "Yoma Kazoe Uta" - by Nakazato Mami
In English it is called "Yoma Counting Song" or "Ninja Counting Song"
Japanese lyrics
Hitotsu, hitoyo no koi naraba
Futatsu, futari de jigoku he to
Mittsu, mina no koroshitemo
Yottsu, yomi he no michi-shirube
Itsutsu, ikusa no chi no ame no
Muttsu, mukuro to kawarya senu
Nanatsu, namida no kare hate te
Yattsu, yami yo ga tokete yuku
Kokonotsu konya wa shuugen wo
Too de toiki wo shu ni somete
English Lyrics
One It was a love in one generation.
Two The two of us go to hell.
Three Even though we kill everyone.
Four Signpost for the land of the dead.
Four Signpost for the land of the dead
Five The blood rain because of the war.
Six Just like a dead body,
Seven My tears run out.
Eight the dark night starts to melt
Eight the dark night starts to melt
Nine We'll have a wedding tonight
Ten our sigh (or bress) will be colored red

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